Homework Week 4

Kindergarten Homework Assignments (4) 2012

Oct. 15th – Oct. 19th



HARVEST FESTIVAL Coming Up Saturday October 27th!!

The annual Harvest Festival day here at New Hope will be Saturday, October 27th It is a day of costumes, food, games and fun. This is our opportunity to make a little money to add to our classroom budget. I am asking every family to donate ONE OR TWO 12 packs of soda (or juice cans) for our class to sell at the festival, OR You can opt to send $5 towards the purchase of hotdogs and buns that we will also be selling.




Fieldtrip 10/18: We have a fieldtrip this Thursday to see a program at the Public Playhouse. Parent chaperones will be Mrs. Joo, Mrs. Felder, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Whittington, and Mrs. Pridgen.  The playhouse is close to NHA and we will shuttle grades K-2 over on a bus. Some parents may prefer to drive.


Fieldtrip 10/24: We have a fieldtrip next week on Wednesday to see a farm and to pick pumpkins. We will also have a hayride and see and touch a petting zoo. This trip will include eating lunch at the farm and will run from late morning until the end of our school day. We will be traveling in parent’s vehicles. Parent chaperone entry fees of $8 will be paid for if they driving children.  . Parent chaperones will be Mr. Chesley, Mrs. Felder, Mr. Malone, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Battle?, Mrs. Whittington, and Mrs. Milton.


Class Picnic: We had a great time, did we not? Thank you to Mrs. Felder for doing such an awesome job organizing us. Mrs. Felder also created an email list that we can use for classroom communications.  I would like to upload some of the pictures we took on a site where we can all have access to them. I am looking into a site that the school uses or we can create our own. (Help Mr. Johnson????)


Snack Reminder: Even when your child bus a hot lunch for the day he/she needs to bring a morning snack to school.


Saying Goodbye: Eungman is moving to New York City and this will be his last week here at NHA.  Eungman’s Dad has been commuting from NYC and with this change Eungman will be able to see Daddy every day. It is bittersweet move, sad for us because we will miss him and happy for Eungman’s family.


What’s Happening in Kindergarten?  Week 6


Letters of the week:  Next week we will complete our quick review of the 26 letters. We will slow down and do one “chunk” sound per week starting with “ch”.


Monday:  Jj

Tuesday:  Zz

Wednesday:  Ww

Thursday:  Vv


Books we read last week: Pinocchio, The Fat Cat on the Mat, The Little Engine that Could, Clifford’s Manners, Snow Day and several chapters from Junie B. Jones Is a Party Animal!


We often play a game called “Around the World”. It is something we can do to review many ideas and words when we have 5-10 minutes transitioning to another activity. One child stands behind another and tries to be the first to decode a word or answer a question. If they are first to give the correct answer they move on and challenge the next child. The object is move all around the circle. When a child has “won” they don’t move anymore. The game has multiple winners and moves quickly. It is fun for everyone and a great review.


Tuesday we began learning about 3 dimensional shapes. We looked at a sphere and a cube. When I wrote “sphere” on the board I explained that  “ph” has the sound of “f”.  I will revisit this during the year but some children are ready for this.


Wednesday we did some interesting things with math.  We built a graph on the blackboard and talked about graphs. I explained that graphs are like number illustrations. Pictures in a book tell about the story. Graphs tell about numbers. When I wrote the word “graph” on the board we could review the “ph” making the “f” sound. Next we did a quick review of 2 dimensional shapes. When we looked at the triangle we saw it had 3 sides and 3 corners. Then I wrote the words triangle, tricycle and Triceratops on the board. We talked about how each thing had 3 of something. We then talked about “tri” and how it often means “3”.


Thursday we looked at the letter sound “v”. I signed (with Jolly phonics) several words and chose different children to tell me what I had signed.  They did a great job! Next I wrote several sentences on the board with “v” words and let children volunteer to read them. I helped with challenging words when needed but I was surprised at how well many of the children could read them!  The sentences are below. Let me caution you that not everyone is ready to read at this level.



            I like vegetables.

            He lives in a village.

            The spot is still visible on your shirt.

            He plays the big violin.

            Please give me lots of vegetables.


Friday:  We had Show and Tell on Friday. Niyah brought a snake skin to share with us. We talked about different groups of living things and that a snake is a reptile. Christopher brought a “starfish” for us to look at. We were fascinated by the mouth on the bottom of the fish. Everyone was so excited about the picnic that nobody could nap at rest time. It was fun to walk down the trail to the playground. We stopped for a moment and listened to the sounds of the forest.




Monday 10/15

1.      Review your sound book. Say the sound and the actions to a parent.

2.       “Four”:  Color it and write the numbers and words in the space provided.

4.   Write a sentence using some of the following words:  the, is, on, and, of, cat, hat, rat, sat, ran, man, or can.

Draw a picture illustrating your sentence. (Hint remember a sentence starts with a capitol letter and ends with a “.”, “?” or “!” and tells an idea or asks a question.)


CHW:  “Pam and the Man” Please read this story to your parent(s) (or with your parent if you need the help). Color the story any way you like. For extra challenge write a sentence telling how the girl and the man are alike.


Tuesday 10/25

1.      Review your sound book. Say the sound and the actions to a parent.  

2.      Counting 10-20.

3.      Name the days of the week to a parent.  (Parent check how your child does.)


Yes!  I can name the days of the week.


No.  I am still working on remembering some of the days.



CHW:  Try counting out loud. Can you get up to 100?    Circle:  yes   no



Wednesday 10/26

1.      Rhyming Words.

2.      Make a flying eagle puppet. Follow directs and use the brads provided. Why was the eagle an important “animal helper” to Native Americans? ANS: They thought the eagle could take messages to the Great Spirit because it flies so high.

3.      Harvest Time. How Many?


CHW:  Read a book of your choice to/with a parent. What book did you read?


Thursday 10/27

1.      Circle the picture that matches the sound.

2.      Mystery Animal dot to dot.


CHW: By yourself, write down 3 things that change with the coming of fall and draw a picture.